rain4us.net website coming soon

(Of course, it's been coming soon for three years now.)

Okay, I'll be honest here. I don't think you should hold your breath because it's been what 12+ years and well whatever was supposed to come isn't getting here at any measurable rate. So, this is it. Enjoy.

Ok, that's not fair. Actually there ARE pages beyond this one.

...but unless you've linked to them directly before...you won't be interested in them.

And for all of you wondering what the HECK this domain names means... rain=the initials of the family members, 4=the number of persons in our family, and us=..well there are FOUR of us, and NET=we're on the 'NET. (actually, .com was not available)

You know, we could have been nair4us.net but that just didn't sound right.